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Read the FAQs below to learn more about our auto dealer licensing programs.

How can I legally buy and sell cars in my state?

When we partner you with one of our existing auto dealership groups, you become a licensed auto dealer and will be able to attend any dealer auction. Additionally, you will be able to legally sell retail to the public with a dealership in your area.

What other expenses will I incur in the automotive business?

Our program allows our members to keep their overhead extremely low. Your budget will mainly go to advertising and some basic office supplies.

Do the members of the dealership share profits?

There is no profit sharing among the members. You keep 100% of your profits.

How long is the partnership agreement?

We are seeking professional and business-minded individuals to join our dealership group. However, if at any time, you decide the automotive industry is not for you, simply notify us in writing that you wish to end your partnership with thirty days’ notice.

How quickly can I become a licensed dealer through your program?

You can have your dealer license and begin buying and selling vehicles in as little as 3 - 4 days.

How many members do you have nationwide?

We have about 80 members nationwide.

Where are your dealerships located?

We work with dealerships across the country and are expanding our dealer network daily. Please call us for more information.

Is joining an existing dealership as a member and a partner legal?

Yes. A car dealership, like any other business, is able to add partners and members to their business.

Please remember, that you will sell retail through a local auto dealer.  This is important, in order to meet all DMV rules and regulations and to comply with all legal requirements in the industry.

Will I be getting my own dealer license?

Yes, you will, as you become a part owner of an existing dealership.

How do I get registered at auctions in my area and obtain an auction bidder card?

The manager and staff at the dealership will register you for all auctions you wish to attend. Once you are registered with the auction, the auction will issue you a bidder card.

How do I learn about the auctions are in my area?

We have a comprehensive list of all the wholesale, public, and dealer-only auctions in the United States. Please call us for a list of auctions in your area and we can help select the right auctions for you to attend.

Is this a wholesale or retail license?

With our partner program, you can sell retail to the public, as well as wholesale. You may also export vehicles. You are open to all types of sales. Remember, when selling to the public, you will always use a local dealership.

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